Why the Hell Is Biden's Justice Department Defending Donald Trump?

Why the Hell Is Biden's Justice Department Defending Donald Trump?


"The Justice Department’s Civil Division under President Biden is continuing the Trump-era push to represent the former president in a defamation lawsuit brought by author E. Jean Carroll, according to a Monday night appellate court filing. The lawsuit brought by Carroll—who accused Donald Trump two years ago of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s—has been stalled in litigation over whether the Justice Department had standing to represent him on the grounds that his denials in response to her claim were made while performing his presidential duties. The legal maneuver would have required a judge to find that a federal tort law that protects government employees from civil liability applies to a sitting president. Last year a federal judge in Manhattan rejected the Justice Department’s effort to enter the case on the grounds that both elements were missing from the equation." [Here](http://thememoryhole2.org/blog/doe-v-trump) is a link to the case of Katie Johnson v. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, the woman who alleged that at 13 Trump and Epstein brutally raped her and bragged about permanently silencing a previous victim for crying too much.


So the executive branches powers can grow unchecked and that is why. They all want the same thing and that is power.