In epics timeline of vaulting this was really quick, 2 days?


Just shows the lack of understanding the community. Zero testing went into the UFOs.


I can’t tell if this is a joke


it’s not a joke? what were they expecting in a competitive setting


Well I’m just saying they def tested them before. I think the best nerd they could do would to make it so a team could only occupy 1 ufo and not just be a single person in each one because that’s where it gets unfun


I think they tested it for bugs but not for being as stupidly OP as it is


Really, still this? They know. It's been years of the same.


I think they wanted to let people have fun with it first. They knew it was over the top.


Yes from Epic it was. Adding a new OP vehicle only to remove it a day later shows they had tons of testing involved.


It's fun. Epic obviously tested the weapon but they probably wanted the communities reaction before taking any decisions


They already knew nobody would like it based on previous instances and purely put into comp to advertise the new season in front of twitch/ yt.


Uhh I really don't think they need to advertise gameplay through competitive... You think Timmy on /fortnitebr tunes into fncs viewing parties?


The ufos are op


We are the testing.


They definitely tested them. Its ok to have a little fun you know. Even in comp modes.


this is what people always seem to forget about fortnite


Honestly people whine about balance and patches like Halo's Swat mode wasn't perfect from day 1


Them putting it in was testing…


It honestly seems like they have a huge disconnect between their game designers and essentially who comes up with these ideas and the community managers. Like how does this go through all the necessary development and no one thinks of how bad it would be for the game.


You think they’re incapable of knowing a self healing vehicle that shoots unlimited projectiles that decimates structures was unbalanced? they add it intentionally


I honestly don’t know because it should be extremely obvious right? So either the designers have no idea what the gameplay looks like or it’s done intentionally knowing there will be backlash.


> it’s done intentionally knowing there will be backlash. Bingo. "Love me or hate me it's still an obsession"


Technically it's not self healing it just has 3 life's all that happens when you get out is the gas refills


Well it makes sense. Unlike most competitive games fortnite was never designed by a development team that had competitive design experience. Everyone forgets the game was originally only supposed to be STW PvE and they made the battle royal just to maximize on the popularity of games like PUBG and H1Z1. None of these developers have any passion or experience with competitive game design and are probably super disconnected from the community that has “high-jacked” their game. To be fair you can’t really blame them.


After being the premiere battle royale game for 3 years they should have figured this stuff out by now.


They have no passion for it, they’re story writers they could care less. They made their millions i bet some of them would rather jump ship and move onto a new project that allows them to keep story writing and adding ridiculous items to games. You can’t just change peoples interests it’s the unfortunate reality of fortnite.


lol there is a different dev team in stw and br and no they are sticking to fortnite


I didn’t know the dev teams are different but i suppose it’s obvious that after BR blew up they had to add the new team to deal with the workload. It doesn’t change the fact that the game was never developed with the original intention of being competitive and the creative minds like Donald mustard and the leaders of the project are still the same. They’re using the game to express their vision and currently their vision isn’t competitive. I’ve never seen Donald Mustard mention comp once and he’s the brainchild behind pretty much all the story writing. And implementation of in game items.


That’s a fair point but you’d think after all this time and all these items they continuously add that they would move on from trying to push this on the comp community. Like a company with Epic’s resources should be able to hire a team of consultants that focus on competitive integration and immediately see that these items just don’t work in comp as cool as they may be. Only other thing I can think of is they purposely add these to generate buzz then swoop in and save the day with a patch.


Well at the end of the day the development team ultimately has the biggest pull. The only comparable resource in value epic has is the team behind the Unreal Engine. I feel like the development team hasn’t fully bought into the competitive side of the game and are unwilling to release the reigns to people that they see as having no previous input into the game. Imagine you’re working on a passion project it blows up then suddenly people run in and say they’re going to take it over from there on out. I’d be pissed and I’d fight to keep control over something that I’d see as my intellectual property. With how bad the development teams relationship is with the comp community i just don’t see the game heading in the “right” direction anytime soon.


That would actually explain their reluctance to splitting the comp and pub loot pools. It’s only really been like 4 seasons or so since they’ve decided to finally allow differences between the two game modes (not counting siphon I guess). BR wasn’t even the main game they were developing though it was just an offshoot from STW hoping to cash in on the BR craze. It’s just disappointing to think about what they could have done with this game if they had just leaned into competitive a bit more. There was no stopping this game from becoming competitive with the unlimited skill cap and that was obvious since like season 4 or even earlier. That said they also threw $30 million at comp so hard to say they don’t care about it lol.


In my eyes the world up and skirmish prizepools were lazy. They were just hoping the big prizepools would explode comp into a money making machine but they did none of the other stuff such as properly developing the comp community and focussing on competitive gameplay development. It’s only recently that I’ve even scene Epic Staff in the comp subreddit before you could only really see them in the main sub.


In the overall scheme of things Comp is a very small part of Fortnite, the main focus of development is not going to be Comp.


"None of these developers have any passion or experience with competitive game design". That can't be true. You don't become a dev in videogame if you don't have a passion for it. There's way more lucrative carrier in the it world. You're most likely refering to the game designers, who nowadays don't know much about dev. And imo even them are not to blame, they probably have some obligations from their hierarchy higher up. Don't forget that some of these game designer actually thought real deep and created the building concept we all love. Even tho it was supposed to be a PvE I can't help to think those dudes already had an idea of what it could become in a PvP environment.


I didn’t mean they don’t have a passion for video games. But the way they originally wanted fortnite to play out and the way they want to implement their ideas isn’t competitive. I’m just saying that the dev teams vision isn’t going to be like a game like valorant that was built to be an esport. Fortnite comp was just never part of the original plan, it spawned due to popularity. Valorant was made from the ground up to play in a competitive way so a lot of thought with map design and character balancing was to give players a more competitive experience and even then there’s still balancing issues.


Epic games was behind one of the OG competitive games in unreal


This is what I don’t get. All these people arguing in this thread that they definitely tested it don’t get it. How can a Epic waste so much money and time developing these UFOs just to vault them two days later? Hype them up just for everyone to shit on them? Like how is that a good business model? I don’t even think casuals like them.


Only other reason I can think of is they do it purposely to generate controversy around the new season. Then they can come in and “fix” the problem and seem like the heroes that listen to the community. I want to work there just to see what goes down honestly lol.


Casuals love them look at Twitter lol


Epic has previously stated their strategy is that all new stuff goes into arena at the start of the season.


The game was never meant for you. Competitive is just a small nuisance they deal with. Fun first. Which means all the crazy stuff the majority likes and wants.


They’ve already proven time and time again that even casuals don’t like these items. Items that only the people using them can have fun are not good for the game competitive or not.


I mean they have done this almost every single season with different items. I say it's actually a good thing they removed the inevitable broken item that always comes out in the summer seasons.


This is likely why that planned on resetting arenas after the season.


Any proof to back this up?


This is good, but tf you mean finally? It’s only been two days lmao not whole month like the mechs


FYI the Mechs were never actually vaulted until CH2S1, but pratically they were vaulted with the release of the 10.40 update which was like, the second to last update of Season X


I fucking hate that season man, mechs made it the worse. Kind of miss it though because of all the rage mech montages lmao


your flair definitely shows that, plus yea, it was also kinda funny to see TimtheTatman wiping out a squad with his monitor off lol


honestly it would have been a pretty good comp season if mechs were disabled in comp


It had other issues. You couldn't build in Tilted, Retail was one of the most OP drops in Fortnite history, and you know... Taco Time. Don't get me wrong, I had fun that season, but it was not designed with comp in mind.


yeah true lmfao it would more have been fun than competitive


That she wseaosn I have the least games played, I’ve got a total of like 60.


I started in S4 but didn't play at least once a week until S7 and S10 was the first season I got Tier 100 bc I had never played enough before. When you're bad at the game things like mechs or No Building No Breaking are so fun. I loved Season 10




Then don’t play for the two days? Idk take a break or something? 2 days is a ridiculously short amount of time compared to how long mechs were in the game lmao


Have you played competitive? The UFO was literally the only meta. You literally cant win against one person hovering in it. And if 2 people ganged up on you even if you have full Mats you might as well just leave the game. They're saying finally cuz even in 2 days it was too long. They should've never had it.


bro it was only in arena, they probably wanted to see the communities' reaction to it before vaulting it


[apparently its because of performance issues](https://twitter.com/FortniteStatus/status/1403123174238261249), rather than because of how broken they are... not to be a downer, but could this mean that ufos will return (hopefully nerfed), once these 'performance issues' are fixed?


Of course. Mechs were never fully vaulted. Just nerfed/and or exploded when each match started.


Cause it's "a feature of the season" jus like sand and mechs and now UFOs


When was a feature of the season ever vaulted?


You could say crafting partially was last season since you couldn't make the other bow types meaning frogs were useless. Kinda a stretch though.


Sand was kinda disabled for most of season 5 too


Whirlpools in Season 3 too and when they came back there wasn't almost no whirlpools available anymore


Both of these were glitches tho, not intentional


YEAH FINALLY. ABOUT DAMN TIME! CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOOK EPIC....2 whole days to vault this. I get that a lot of fortnite players are very young, but we need to have have bit of perspective here. A 2 day turn around is insanely quick.


Massive W


The main issue is all the UFOs team up, even the AI doesn't attack fellow UFOs. Total air superiority


someone tried this in my pre season contender game, my teammate wasted no time 262ing him


I really never understood why people freak out when they add all these chaotic items at launch of new season. They literally have a whole blog post about how they monitor comp for two weeks. They've been good about removing or nerfing most of these broken items past few seasons from comp.


What do you think Epic needs to monitor to determine that UFOs, wall hacks and a wall banging sniper aren't good for the game?


this is by far my biggest issue with the pre season, the shit they add shouldnt need a pre season AT ALL to determine it shouldnt be in comp


Maybe it’s because they get a lot of eyes on the new season and a lot of peoples favorite streamers only play arena. So it would hurt advertising their new stuff to the casual person. This makes more sense than just straight up incompetence.


Literally have kids screaming at me on this sub saying this is a bad take lmao. People are delusional. It’s so obvious it shouldn’t be there, if I want to play with those types of things in the game I’ll play pubs lol


The pre-season is a different thing. Epic announced the "all new items will be in arena at season start" approach long before the idea of the pre-season. By all means take issue with their strategy, but railing against individual items like UFOs is kinda missing the point.


Sort of - same items at start of season is Epic's strategy as of C2S3. The "2 week evaluation period" is actually for items added *during* the season. And *both* are unrelated to the pre-season, which came later, and has a different purpose. > **FORTNITE SEASONAL ITEMS UPDATE** > > [...] **When a new Season drops, core playlists and Arena will contain the same items.** As new items are added throughout the season, there will be a two week evaluation period where new items are kept out of Arena and tournaments. If it is felt new item(s) will add value to competitive play, they may be added to the Arena and tournament pool after the evaluation period. In rare cases, some items may also be subject to change over the course of the season, as was seen with Remote Explosives and Grenades last Season. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/competitive/en-US/news/fortnite-competitive-updates---chapter-2-season-3


did you not remember the preseason last season? they didn’t change anything (primal shotgun) until way after it happened


He didn't say preseason. The preseason is a different thing, and was never intended to be related to balance changes. EDIT: Lol, why am I being downvoted for being correct. You can look it up for yourself.


People love to complain. People even find ways to complain about having some choice in which skins you unlock first.


This is a little different though because it's similar to the mechs where it's part of the theme of the season. They never fully vaulted mechs even in arena but they did eventually get to the point youb only had like one a match. I hope the ufo's stay vaulted.




I think its a mistake to remove them entirely. Theres a few key ways they could nerf them which would make them useful, balanced and make arena less boring.


Wdym "finally", it's been only three days, that's a reasonable amount of time imo


i see this as an absolute win




Fuck yeah


Any official tweet or info from Epic about this?


Yeah, they said it was for 'performance issues'


Every season, Epic introduced a broken and op item/stuff. S1: everything was unbalanced. S2: double pump. S3: deagle (one shot break walls) S4: rpg and explosive spam. S5: P90 with 50 bullets. S6: drum gun S7: planes and the sword. Etc. Last season was the primal shotgun. Epic always adds a broken thing and then nerfs it. At this point I'm not surprised about the rail gun and ufos, but they are so annoying. I'm just waiting for the nerf as usual.


s3 deagle didnt have one shot walls until s7


Now nerf rail gun and recon gun and it's god season


Yay finally


Finally? It’s been like 3 days bro…


Finally? This season hasn’t even been out a week and Epic have actually been quick with something so how is it finally, I swear this community has so unrealistic expectations


W now recon and rail gun aswell 🙏


Maybe not taken out just nerfed seriously.


(Some) Casuals like them a lot. I don't care if pubs stays crazy. As long as comp is healthy let the casuals have the most crazy OP stuff they want.


As someone who plays pubs and arena that was my take exactly. I think they should stay in pubs they are fun to use. Anything like that in competitive is stupid asf in my opinion.


I'm the same. I play arena because I like the feeling of improvement but I play pubs with my IRL friends who are casuals. So whenever I'm in pubs I want to play with broken and crazy/whacky stuff. In arena however I won't touch it at all until I feel like the meta is in a serviceable state.




I agree. UFOs are fun outside of Arena


See this how everyone on this sub talks but I don't agree. I don't think it's right to have to play competitively just to have a somewhat balanced gaming experience. I got really busy and don't have time to practice anymore and all my friends are mediocre at best. So when I get a chance to finally play fortnite and get a few games in with the boys , I either have to play a broken ass game with UFOs or whatever ridiculous thing they added that season. or play against good competitive players and sweat my ass off in 1v4's or 1v3's because my teammates will get bopped against 90% of the player base. It's not fun. If an item makes the game broken then it makes it broken. Pubs or not.


Epic vaulted this is a couple of days, now can everyone stop whining how Epic doesn’t understand us and applaud the fact they listened and made the fix quickly?


Litteraly 2 days of season and u say finally, finally I understand why all the fanbase hate comp players


Not just the fortnite fanbase that hates fortnite comp players, pretty much the whole esports scene, we will never and I mean NEVER be taken seriously.


I wonder what the comp scene would be like if their payouts were similar to other games? If you’re naturally gifted at fortnite or esports in general, why would you compete in something else that pays significantly less? Wonder how many more pros quit by now if they pay wasn’t insanely hard to walk away from.


Why is that exactly? I don't understand


The immaturity of the fanbase, examples being paper and clix, who both got punished. How the scene also isn’t 18+, and epic themselves adding stupidly broken items


it literally never should have been in arena to being with, 2 days is still long enough to piss people off...


you know it could’ve been exactly treated like the mechs where they don’t even get vaulted right. and most of the people in the fanbase don’t even understand comp as a whole


Nice one. They're fun to fuck around with but they're obviously not suitable for comp. And as always it was fun watching people have a meltdown on the first day of the season about new things like UFOs. Epic have been very good with comp adjustments these last few seasons.


Shouldn’t take any adjustment time, every single person on this sub could have told you it wouldn’t be good for competitive before it was even in the game lmao. Epic games knows this, we know this, just don’t put it in the comp playlists if we all know this is how it’s going to turn out.


It was there for two days dude. At least gave it a shot and possibly see how to best nerf it.


I’m just saying if the developers have already determined that helicopters are too OP for comp there is absolutely 0% chance that this would ever stay in the game.










IDK if its just me but I feel us competitive players have been taking things for granted, we've also never thanked epic that they did something for us. For example, I don't think any competitive player likes the rail run when they are targeted with it, but that doesn't mean we have to urge Epic to nerf it or remove it. It's my opinion :]


They need to vault it in pubs. It was a bad idea


You know this is a competitive subreddit? Right?


This is the only game where what’s in regular gets complained about in comp. can’t we just accept that this game is built for a teen audience and if you wanna be competitive you should get used to it? Why are we constantly complaining about changes to the game yet you won’t play a different title?


because people love the core idea and the skill it takes to execute the building mechanic consistently flawless, but epic keep coming and adding stupid shit that enables a day 1 player to shit on the world #1 at any given time, that's stupid to me, no? especially when they know exactly what people want in a competitive setting, not to mention the psychology employed to keep you playing, keep playing = spending, remember.


Now for regulars solo/duo/tri/quads please.


Can’t do that as it’s a part of the story and season


Are you serious? You know this is a competitive subreddit?


It was balanced but y'all ain't ready for that discussion💅🧚‍♂️✨


It wasn't balanced. But I would agree that the most vocal critics were people that are too braindead to consider different options of how to counter something besides spam building. ​ The laser does too much damage to builds for building to be an effective protection, esp. given that it has unlimited ammo. You could usually fight them effectively by aiming for the cockpit and moving around enough to dodge splash damage (which was only 30 - i.e. a grey AR). You could either hit the player directly or would quickly bring the UFO down given it only had 600 health. ​ To make it truly balanced, they could've either make it so you take fall damage when it runs out of health or made a much longer cooldown period like boat missiles. No complaints about taking them out either though.


Yeah the energy ball thing really reminded me of the mech missiles with what it did with the builds, but they just shot at a slower pace


Not reading all dat






It’s okay to say you’re illiterate


its okay to say that yo moms a hoe


Ehhhh IMO all it was missing was a cool down and maybe a faster battery drain, but besides that they weren’t what people were calling it, the flying mechs.


Knew it was going to happen at some point.


Great now I can give the season a try!


Fuck bro I haven’t played yet cmon


great now remove the rail gun and this is the best season of chapter 2…




Im actually surprised it wass so quick.


Funnier OOC


This includes arena right?


Wdym finally???? This is great communication and timing from Epic


Why disable? Why not remove guns and teleport? The movement was nice, just bring a nerfed version that doesn’t regenerate.


The real issue : Feel so bad for people who worked on this... Because in like 3 sec it pass from a good idea to a terrible shitstorm. You should just nerf them like low damage on player build, a tiny bit less health, two life with a visible counter.


Noooo how dauk I'm gonna win now... I had 12 wins out of 35games playing UFO being a negative KDA player all my life. I even got a second place last night on rematch scrim playing an UFO. Good I had as much fun as I could while they were in competitive.


Imma start playing comp just cause of this. The ufos are literally flying mechs


Now we need the rail gun removed from comp


Nah its got a big laser beam you can see it miles of usually, granted it decimates builds but hey Alien Tech


I haven’t been following or playing this game in a year and this just popped up in my feed. Yup, instantly remembered why I left.


I like how they added a fun new vehicle for Pubs, it's in comp for 2 days before being disabled (very quick for epic) then you guys complain that they shouldn't have even had it in the first place.


"Finally....." ​ It's been two days


I called it too lmao😂🙏🏽


Makes sense


Was always coming


Now it's time for Railguns to be disabled


Two days


I wish they didn’t remove it


back to slow boring arena woohoo🤮


UFOs were simply not made for competitive the way they are right now. If you want them is very probably coming with a nerf, maybe a cooldown for the beams the ufo shoots would be nice. Now arena is not that boring without them, lots of fan-favorite weapons (AUG, lever, deagle) are back and the new weapons are balanced (except the rail gun who needs a nerf in the damage through a wall). Also have you seen the latest matches by streamers? 3 ufos shooting from the sky with unlimited ammo and the ability to toss people into the storm is Not good for arena. It is just dumb.






The thing is 90% people here don’t know


Now all they have to do is fix the controller zero skill aimbot problem and shots going through walls :D


Need em disabled everywhere


Little dramatic huh? It's been two days and they haven't even reset points yet.


Do POIs still get attacked or are they completely gone?


Great, now nerf or make rail gun more rarer. In fact make rail gun a mythic weapon that you have to kill a boss for. The fact that this gun can shoot through builds and do a lot of damage and comes in common rarity is mind boggling to me. I bet if you gathered around some pros and showed them the rail gun last week before the season started that they’d all agree it would be a mythic or golden weapon, but the fact that you can find it off of IO guards or common chest is mind blowing to me. Look I don’t wanna be that guy but I can predict metas and if this gun sticks around it’s gonna be heavy snipe meta all over with a trio simultaneously shooting at a team’s base and getting knocks over and over. Imagine a full lobby holding this gun and your team being unlucky and getting like 10 rail gun shot at them. This gun will kill the season’s vibe quickly.


Hmmm not enough


Finally,some good fucking news


They should be disabled in pubs too


I reckon a nerf will hit them


Go post this at r/fortnitebr then?


nah majority of the r/fortnitebr sub hates UFO's too


I didnt ask you anything.


why you gotta be rude about it man :/