Which teams to cheer for?! (LCS Week 2 Day 1)

Which teams to cheer for?! (LCS Week 2 Day 1)


Rooting for EG and CLG for Friday cause man I feel really bad for Danny and Turtle for their 0-3 weekend.


Turtle truly deserves so much better. Get him off that hellish team. It’s doing a number to his reputation.


Him and Finn need to be saved from that team, but also their drafting is awful too. I was watching Doublelift’s co-stream and he mentioned that on TL and CLG, Pobelter wasn’t allowed to play anything other than control mages because he just couldn’t. I know a lot of people love POB, but I honestly don’t think he deserves a spot on an LCS team anymore.


> CLG plays against us in the last week of regular season. I prefer them being already eliminated so we probably get a free win CLG being eliminated signals when they start winning. This is Counter Logic Gaming


CLG < GGS: Disagree with that take. The more CLG loses vs other teams, the more counter logic it is for them to turn it around pull off a win against TSM. Better for CLG to win and for people to start getting hyped about CLG making a comeback only for them to lose again.