When/how do kids learn that farts are funny?

When/how do kids learn that farts are funny?


LOL, my girls are 2.5 and little nonchalant gas machines. The loudest farts come out of the littlest bodies… we tend to lose it when the oldest stops and goes “Hey! What’s that smell?”


My two year old finds them hilarious! My husband and I don’t really laugh at farts (well, we didn’t, I can assure you we do now) so I’m assuming she picked it up at daycare. She’ll fart, crack up and blurt out “fart!” And then of course we all start laughing. She ran into the room one day and yelled “pee and poo and fart! Hahahahhaha” and ran out again. We’ve got ourselves a true comedian.


haha good question. My sister was singing Old Mcdonald with my son and said "and on his farm he had a butt, ... with a fart fart here and a fart fart there. " Thank you sis..... My son didnt want to sing anything else for at least the next week. He thought it was the funniest thing ever.


Farts are just inherently funny 🤣


Farts are inherently funny. It's not something you learn to think is funny. They just are funny. It's strange noises coming from YOUR BUTT. This should be funny. :)


I wonder about this, too. My daughter will be 2 in a couple weeks, and she doesn’t laugh at farts yet. Hopefully, soon. 😊


It’s learned behavior. Have you ever giggled at her farts? They pick up real quick on things that get even the smallest reaction. Farts are funny 😂🤷🏻‍♂️


True. I probably have. It was just 30 minutes of silent stinky farts tho. The joke got old real quick lol


My daughter and I laugh at every fart that comes from either of us. So I’m not the best example in this case 😂


When my almost 2 year old farts, I laugh a little - just because. He smiles, and doesn’t really understand.. I’m hoping he catches on soon! Can’t wait to be laughing farting buddies with him!